About Us

Tuktu Paper Co is a small company that creates beautiful things out of paper. We are also like you who love to share baby pictures, proud parent moments and the happiest and most unforgettable days of your lives. We find the time to nurture the relationships in our lives because they are important to us. And while we don’t always take perfect photos or get our Christmas cards out on time, we always send them, because being a part of each other’s story is what life is all about.

Tukfu Paper Co - About Us

As for the beautiful things we create at Tuktu Paper Co, we hold them to our own strict standards. We push ourselves to be innovative as we create new shapes and folds and designs that aren’t like everyone else’s. And we make them easy to personalize with photos, color choices and words, so you can share your story in your own unique way. At Tuktu Paper Co, we make your story our story as well.

Our brands are no different to others. We just want you to know exactly who we are, what we do and how we can help you celebrate special moments of your life. It is better to know what we offer and what we can do rather than comparing to us other brands. What’s more important to us is that we want you to feel welcome and familiar with us so that when it comes time to celebrating something special, you know exactly who can help you best.

We hope we’ve given you enough information about Tuktu Paper Co. If you want to get more just send us an email through our contact info. We refer you to use other parts of the site to learn more about our company.

Thank you!